Lucarelli Alferino Company

Lucarelli Alferino S.r.l.

quality as a vocation

Lucarelli Alferino s.r.l. is a business of Rocca Massima (LT) leader in the districts of Rome and Latina, but generally in the whole region of Lazio. A leader in the production, manufacturing, preservation, packaging, and distribution of all kind of olives, beside a wide selection of agroindustrial products such as lupin beans, pickles, vegetables preserved in oil and dried fruits.



Avant-garde facilities and equipment


Diligence in health and safety


Over 10.000mq of production site


Warehouse of over 3000mq

Our History

A passion that became a successful profession
  • May 1949The beginnings

    In May 1949, a young man of 20 y.o., Lucarelli Alferino, begin trading cherries in Rome (quite a feat at the times). He took a loan from a friend to buy a van for starting to commercialize products which made him an established producer over time: a substantial step, living in an environment always known for the best quality of olives and oils.
  • The mid-'50sOlives as a core business

    In the mid-'50s, Lucarelli Alferino drove his business in the production, manufacturing, and distribution of Rocca Massima's olives (mostly the Gaeta's and Itriana's breed).
  • TodayA leader in the olive sector

    After 60 years, there isn't much left of the facilities which hosted the beginning of the productions: nowadays the Lucarelli Alferino s.r.l. has over 10.000mq of production sites, 3000 of it are entirely used for the manufacturing, packaging and the stock of the olives. Now, the business also offers a wide selection of agroindustrial products such as lupin beans, pickles, vegetables preserved in oil and dried fruits.
  • NowThe strength of tradition and the perspective towards innovation

    The Lucarelli Alferino S.r.l. proud itself for the particular attention to all the health and safety standards in over 3000mq of warehouses built respecting the natural environment and reducing as much as possible the impact on nature. (it's one of the first structures with photovoltaic system). The structure of the business has grown over the years, not only with the step of becoming an s.r.l. but also with the passion and the will to commit on keeping the quality of its products the same way as Alferino did himself years and years ago.

Tradition and Innovation


Real land flavors on your table


Genuine and quality products


High-performance production chain


Activities of low impact on the environment